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Sandy Harrington
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                                                                            A Love of Color

I guess you can tell that I love color.  Color is happy and vibrant and makes me feel that way too. I am interested 
         in unique effects, colors that jump off the page and vivid washy patterns.

I am primarily a water based artist but I am exploring collage and resins. I prefer Dr.Martins radiant dyes 
         and inks for their vivid color.

My canvas collage work is altered papers using foils, gels and resins.

"Her strikingly beautiful work shows how something that's a totally abstract combination of colors can hold a person's attention.
The colors drew me in from the moment I entered the room."   Rob Middleton 2017    
 "First Place" Jacksonville Art Cooperative  "Abstraction at its Best"

"View kaleidescopic watercolor works by Sandy Harrington"    the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra 
  " Fiber and Fire"  show runs from Jan 12-Feb 18 2017

"This painting drew me in instantly with it's vibrant colors, serendipitous moments in paint and the deliberate marks made by the artists hand. It is fun like a carnival."   Tony Wood   2015    "First Place of Show" Flagler County Art League  

"This piece was absolutely striking. Wonderful flow and composition. The use of red is truly impressive. Conveys passion, desire, conflict and love."    Anna Miller 2019     "Molten" acrylic and ink " Red Hot Show "  The Art Center Cooperative
downtown urban core Jacksonville