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         Ink and Watercolor Artist

My focus is watercolor and ink.

I love the vivid color and transparency.

I am always attracted to the loosest, most colorful piece in an exhibition.

Color enhances mood ...so I try to incorporate it in all my work.


Sandy Harrington is a native of Ormond Beach, Florida and has painted as long as she can remember. Her background as an artist    

began in illustration and advertising for the Daytona Beach News Journal and Hurd Moss Advertising in Daytona Beach,Florida         

 Her clients included:

Fairgreen Golf and Country Club, New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Old Salty's Inn, Daytona Beach,Florida

 I-Care Child Abuse Campaign, Daytona Beach, Florida,  PineTrail Elementary School, Ormond Beach, Florida

 O'Connell's Restaurant, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, Bentwood Subdivision, Port Orange, Florida

The Daytona Inn, Daytona Beach Florida

Sandy managed a career in real estate while donating her time to Volusia County High School theatre departments.

She produced background and program art for the Children's Musical Theatre in Ormond Beach, Florida, Mainland High School

in Daytona Beach, Florida and Seabreeze High School in Daytona Beach

Her large scale mural work and program designs could be seen in the following productions.

CMT Productions of : Beauty and the Beast, Princess and the Pea, Broadway Melody and Secret Garden

Mainland High School's production of:

Will Roger's Follies,  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, Wizard if Oz,  Madrigal Costuming for Performance Troupe

Seabreeze High School production of:   Meet me in St. Louis 

Since retiring to Jacksonville in 2014... She has continued to experiment with color both on paper and canvas.




Portrait work in watercolor is by commission.

I prefer  Windsor Newton watercolor on clay-board, illustration board  or watercolor board. 

UV archival protected

Ink and Flow Acrylics

Flow acrylic and alcohol inks are on

clay board, bristol and yupo. I use archival spray for fading.

Resin on Clayboard or Canvas

My larger  resin work is on clayboard or canvas . 

My collage work is done on canvas with polymer gels

and foils.



32x42  Flow Acrylic and Ink

First Place Winner Red Hot Show

The Art Center downtown urban core



32x36 Flow Acrylic and Ink

Archival varnish under Acrylic Sheet

Smothered in Blue Show 2019

Art Center Cooperative at the Landingsa

Annex Gallery


24x48 Flow acrylic and Ink

Wilson Center for the Arts "Honorable Mention"

South State College, Jacksonville

Archival varnished under acrylic


Curated Shows, Installations and Awards 

2019 First Place "Molten" acrylic and ink at curated show "Red Hot" Annex Gallery" Jacksonville The Art Center downtown urban core

2019 Wilson Center for the Arts   Honorable Mention "Storm" acrylic and ink  South College Jacksonville, Fl  JCVA Summer Show

2019  Amelia Island Community Theatre  "Brighter Tomorrows" runs during Annie:   "Daybreak" resin on clay board and "First Light"

2019 "Women from Jag" Show sponsored by the Jacksonville Art Guild at the Landings  "Storm"

2019 Cultural Arts Center at Ponte Vedra  Florida  Flo Acrylic "First Light"

2018 "Faces" Show Amelia Island  sponsored by ACT Community Theatre, Amelia Island Florida watercolor portrait "Angel"                                         

2018 "The Color Purple" FemArts Gallery  Neptune Beach Library Florida                                                            

2017 First Place "Blue Ice" the The Art Center downtown Jacksonville  show "Abstraction at its Best

2017 "Kaleidoscope"  a one woman show, Adele Grage Cultural Arts Center,  Neptune Beach, Florida

2017 Cultural Art Center at Ponte Vedra "Dual Show"  Sandy Harrington and Amy Dove "Fiber and Fire"

2017 Showcase Artist for November  Five and Dime a Theatre Company   downtown urban core Adams Street

2016 Wilson Center for the Arts "South by Southlight"  "Carnival" and "Sunset"

2016 First Place Cork Arts District  "Collage Tryptic" sponsored by Southlight Gallery "Pop at Cork"

2016 Honorable Mention "Sunset"  Southlight Gallery,  Abstract X  Summer Guest Series

2016 2nd place "A Closer look" Flagler County Art League

2016 "Featured Artist"  Fab Florida Magazine 

2015 Cultural Arts Center at Ponte Vedra "Honorable Mention" Study in Red and Blue 2015

2015 "First Place" Art from the Heart  "Carnival" Palm Coast Florida at  Flagler County Art League 

2015 Merit Award "Going Coastal" Palm Coast Florida Flagler County Art League 

2015 Deland Museum of Art  "Volusia Artist Holiday Showcase" 

2014-2015 Hub on Canal Street Gallery  New Smyrna Beach Florida 

2015 Cover Artist Flagler Magazine 2015 Palm Coast Florida

2015 2nd Place watercolor "Pansies" Every Color has a Story  Flagler County Art League 

2015 Secca Gallery Palm Coast Florida 2015

2015-2017 Saint Augustine Art League 

2015 Archway Gallery  "Watercolor Botanicals"

2015 Reddi Arts  Jacksonville Arts League Show  Hendricks Ave downtown Jacksonville

2015 First Street Gallery Neptune Beach Art Guild Show  watercolor "Ginger" and "Crotons"

2015-2016 Jacksonville Coalition of the Visual Arts Summer and Winter Shows 

Judges  Statements

 "This piece was absolutely striking. Wonderful flow and composition. The use of red

is truly impressive"

"Molten" acrylic and ink

 Red Hot Show  "First Place"

 Art Center downtown urban

core Jacksonville

Anna Miller 2019                                                   

" Her strikingly beautiful work shows how something that's a totally abstract combination of colors can hold a persons attention. The colors drew me in the moment I entered the room"

Abstraction at its Best "First Place"

"Blue Ice"  ink and acrylic

The Art Center at the Landings.

Rob Middleton 2017

"This painting drew me in instantly with

it's vibrant colors, serendipitous moments in paint and the deliberate marks made by

 the artist. It is fun like a carnival."

 "First Place" Carnival

Flagler County Show Palm Coast ,Florida

Tony Wood 2016

             "View Kaleidescopic watercolor works

                                       by Sandy Harrington"

                                The Cultural Art Center

                                       at Ponte Vedra 2017

                                               " Fiber and Fire"

                                Dual show with Amy Dove


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Watercolor portraits by commission. Contact Sandy Harrington Watercolor portraits by commission. Contact Sandy Harrington


Honored to be among the winners at Wilson Center for the Arts JVCA Summer Show June 2019 Honored to be among the winners at Wilson Center for the Arts JVCA Summer Show June 2019

Example Blog Title

Newest portrait of Julie done June 2019...Love using all watercolor and pure color


Keep seeing my neighbors cat sunning himself by my front door.Had to paint him. Watching the birds on the lake.


Been in a watercolor mood the last few days. Cats ,Cats,Cats. Painted three of them this week Been in a watercolor mood the last few days. Cats ,Cats,Cats. Painted three of them…


Last week to see Sunny Tomorrows Show Amelia Island runs through "Annie"ACT Theatre Entries; " Daybreak" and "First Light"


Watercolor Portraits

 Watercolor board and Clayboard

Contact Sandy

Email me at: sandyharrigton50@gmail.com

Call or text me at (386) 547-4805